String Stories in Education

Garofalo, R. Strings on your fingers. Retrieved from

Children are fascinated by using an ordinary piece of string to create complicated patterns. Using the fingers and one or more hands to guide the string’s movement on the child’s hands, children can be taught to make their own figures. Once the figures are mastered, the children can be encouraged to create their own stories using the figures. The storytelling is incredibly interactive, especially if the figures are inherently interactive and abstract, which makes it open to interpretation. However, be warned that children should never hang the loop of string around their necks as it is a choking hazard. An entire program can be created based on the string storytelling. A string storyteller can be invited to tell some string stories and then each child can be given a piece of string. The storyteller or librarian can teach the children how to make their own simple string figures. Library materials on the topic can be brought out and the children can take home their string. Empowering children to create their own story teaches them analyze the pictures they see in the string and creatively and imaginatively apply the the pictures to their own original story. It would also be a fun event!


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