Storytelling Study: String Stories

Maggie Lai
LIBR 281-01
Seminar in Contemporary Issues
Topic: Storytelling
San Jose State University
Prof. Wrenn-Estes


2 thoughts on “Storytelling Study: String Stories

  1. What an absolute labour of love! manyi have found and have learnt but this collection of history, tuturials , storytellers and words of advice is just marvelllous. thank you. i am on facebook on a page called Storytelling threads and i shall definitely share a link to your page. i would rather like to memorise the whole of david novak’s jack story as i can already do most of the figures he uses…….just need to practise them again to get them in there without thought!! warmest regards.,…..

    • Thank you Eva. The article was really fun to research.

      I recently performed a variation of the farmer and the yams string story as one of the stories during a family storytime at the library. The children and adults really enjoyed it!

      Maggie L.

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